Orbital Paintball in Tampa, Florida welcomes you in joining us in having fun on all six of our paintball fields. Players in Tampa want a variety of play to keep them wanting more, and never tiring of doing the same thing over and over again, then let us show you what we have. First, you have the choice of the fast and furious pace of SpeedBall and HyperBall, which puts your group in a small area, forcing you to go directly into the fray, giving you non-stop action until the game is over! Next, you have the choice of confronting Fort Freedom, our scenario field to fort. Whether you are defending Fort Freedom, or engaging it, your heart will pound with excitement just knowing you are able to play in this scenario type game. Last, everyone knows how fun it is to play in the woods. Well, we have three of them, and all unique in its own way. These wooded fields have many trees which provide thick cover overhead for cooler play all year round!